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1. Copied Content
Large “blocks” of content that match content on other websites will
be penalized by Google’s search algorithms. Duplicate content on
the same website is also reviewed and can hurt your search
rankings. Make sure everything is original.

2. Content Errors
Spelling mistakes will decrease your keyword count. Errors in
contact information and addresses will hurt results on map services and searches. Customer confidence will plummet if you don’t take the time to get it right.

3. Unprofessional Writing
All content needs to draw in and communicate with qualified
customers in a professional manner. Your website’s copy is often
your first chance to convince a user that you are experienced and
competent. Start off on the right foot!

Stuck on writing or updating content on your website? Maybe you
just want to outsource a professional to create your content?
SiteWired now offers clients the service of content writing. Services
start at /page and guarantees the professionalism your business
requires. Inquire with us today!

WHY SiteWired?

SiteWired Web Solutions, a Denver Web Design Company
is totally committed to the development of successful small and
large business website design and web development solutions in the Denver area and beyond.

Relationships and Networking

Link building normally includes interaction with other relevant
websites/blogs in your industry. Your goal is to promote your
website or jump start an ad campaign through newly published
content. You want to build backlinks with other quality websites, but the whole process often leads to longer-term relationships with
industry movers. You’ll be simultaneously raising brand recognition
and company reputation.

Think of any suppliers, resellers, or services your business requires
and works with on a regular basis. Link building becomes a great
opportunity for showing what your company is made of, and you’ll
begin developing industry advocates who will
vouch for your business.

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