State Capitals Rap (Part I) – Smart Songs




Here is a song that we hope you’ll sing along to
Capital names and the states they belong to
Listen to the track and then facts you’ll be skilled in
These are the states to locate in New England
Have you heard of Maine’s claim to fame?
You musta
Pine Tree State, ate lobsters in Augusta
New Hampshire’s white granite mountains I’ve wandered
“Live free or Die” is the motto in Concord
We go on to Vermont, maple syrup got stickier
Crossed Lake Champlain into Montpelier
Massachusetts has a rich history to get lost in
The Party with the Tea, see it took place in Boston
Crossing down into Connecticut where nutmeg was bartered
And the famous writer Mark Twain resided in Hartford

Though Rhode Island is the smallest, gotta lotta heart and confidence
It’s the Ocean State, with a harbor right in Providence
Onwards to the mid-Atlantic, New York is callin’ me
The Big Apple to Niagra Falls to Albany
In New Jersey, gardens grow, home of Edison’s inventions
Yup, and the government is run up in Trenton
And then Pennsylvania’s “The Keystone,” have ya heard?
Ruffed grouse birds are found near Harrisburg
I’m sure you’re well aware Delaware crossed over
Into the Union first, they have their capital in Dover
Maryland, where the Star-Spangled Banner was scratched on this
Back of a letter, capital is Annapolis

Fifty (Fifty States Song!) Fifty (The Fifty States Song!) States In (Fifty States Song!) This Land (Fifty, Fifty, Fifty) There is something quite unique about each and every state And they all contribute something to make the country great Fifty (Fifty States Song!) Fifty (The Fifty States Song!)


Down south to Virginia, known as “Old Dominion”
The dogwood, a flowering tree, grows in Richmond
West Virginia, Mountain State, black bears (don’t startle them)
You can take a hike or go rafting right around Charleston
To my Old Kentucky Home, just how do we thank her?
For the beautiful blue grass hills surrounding Frankfurt
A volunteer from Tennessee is never bashful
Performing at the Grand Ol’ Opry in Nashville
North Carolina, Wright Brothers learned to fly the
Very first plane, capital in Raleigh
South Carolina, where you’ll find in front of ya
Palmetto palm trees as you breeze through Columbia
In Georgia where they plant the peaches I sang the
“Georgia on My Mind” state song in Atlanta
In Florida, you’re gonna want sunglasses to see
‘Cause you’re gonna find sunshine in Tallahassee
Alabama, Yellowhammer State, the Heart of Dixie
Proudly remember civil rights were fought for in Montgomery
Hop to the Mississippi Delta, known for jazz and relaxin’
Lots of Magnolias grow, Gulf of Mexico to Jackson
Want some Natural beauty? Well, Arkansas’ got a lot
It’s called the Natural State, the capital’s Little Rock
Louisiana, wade the bayou, eat some Cajun food
Mardi Gras in New Orleans, catch shrimp in Baton Rouge
True, Texas was its own republic up until it crossed in
That’s why it’s the Lone Star, capital’s in Austin


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Learn all the capitals for New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and Southern regions of the United States. Part II will feature the Midwest and West.

Lyrics: Shoeless Jeff and Scott Free
Beat: Marc Antonio Pritchett

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