Marjuana Legalization Maine Question 1

In this video Refer Madness has taken over Maine.
State Governor LePage are making moves towards a reefer madness style anti-campaign , doing anything they can to convince people to vote no things like in these videos

As marijuana legalization gains traction main faces opposition over there Question 1 initiative to legalize marijuana on the November ballot.
However the language makes it perfectly clear that people 21 years and older are legally allowed to possess and use marijuana with this initiative.

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5 thoughts on “Marjuana Legalization Maine Question 1

  1. shut the fuck up lepage…ain't no one been killed by pot here…and anyone notice lepage said children won't know their marijuana is in their snacks…think before you speak

  2. Great post ! I'm tired of the government stepping on people all the time,making them live in fear .

  3. Let the people vote and if the answer is Yes ! it will be legal . Educate your self please with real eduction .

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