7.9 percent California provisional ballots rejected SEO dont assume vote count 2016

this was also claimed coincidentally = Sanders is now only 7.9% behind Clinton, & supporters sue to have California’s voter registration extended until election day

Ray Lutz Bill Simpich Citizens’ Oversight & Election Justice USA Press conference right after the hearing about File Lawsuit to Stop the Certification of California’s Primary Results in San Diego
County Superior court regarding San Diego County Registrar
of Voters violating the law regarding our 1% manual tally audit procedure.

A voter has the right to cast a provisional ballot if he or she believes they are eligible and registered to vote but is unable to cast a regular ballot, due to reasons such as the voter’s name not appearing on the registration list at the polling place, the voter does not have a required form of voter identification
The most common reason for rejection of provisional ballots is due to voters who have been purged off the voting rolls. 44 percent of those provisional ballots rejected in 2006 were due to this

As of November 2016, the following states had enacted same-day registration provisions: Colorado Connecticut District of Columbia Idaho Illinois Iowa Maine Maryland Minnesota Montana New Hampshire Ohio Wisconsin Wyoming

The following states had approved same-day registration provisions but had not yet implemented them as of November 2016: California Hawaii Vermont


http://archive.li/HxpEh http://archive.li/Kpiv0
http://archive.li/KNStZ http://archive.li/viq7d
http://youtu.be/gzqID7FumYA = lol

San Diego Registrar of Voters County government office in San Diego, California · Kearny Mesa Address: 5600 Overland Ave, San Diego, CA 92123 Phone: (858) 565-5800 Hours:8AM–5PM

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